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Item no.  PFAFBS123

Your Cost:  $86.62

Flag Finishing (required)
Header and Grommets
Pole Sleeves
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The Q&A on this Product
QUESTION:  Can we have 6 holes in the flags instead of 3?
ANSWER:  Yes, we custom make all of our flags to our clients orders...if you need more grommets per flag that can be done.
QUESTION:  how can I preview the two colors of the flag I chose?
ANSWER:  If your are using Internet Explorer you might be experiencing some issues with colors...please try our website on Google Chrome or Firefox. Please select the style of flag you would like...then click on the blue link with the description of the flag have chosen (it shows the cost of the flag). From there you will see the "Template" of the flag with no colors. There will be boxes in the lower right side with "Click Here to Select Color". When you click on this box the color chart will the color you would like to see and it will fill in the color for you. To change the color just repeat the steps. If you would like to order the flag you created, add to shopping cart. If not, you can just close the window your in. If you have anymore questions or some of this is confusing, please give us a call--303-317-3612 or e-mail Thank you!!
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