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Two Colored Horizontal Split Flutter Flag 12`x3`

You can choose any colors from our color chart to create your perfect combination flag. This Two Color Horizontal Split flag will come standard with a 3" Pole Sleeve to accommodate a 1 1/4" Flag Pole (standard). Header and Grommets or larger Pole Sleeves for this flag are also available. If this is the case, please specify your pole size or type when ordering.

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Item no.  Two Color Horizontal 12'x3'

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The Q&A on this Product
QUESTION:  I am looking for an electric blue, I choose the Royal blue, but it almost looks purple so then I went with the peacock. Which one will stand out better? I am looking at ordering flutter flags with 2 colors. Also, inbetween the colors will there be white?
ANSWER:  Hello, unfortunately, depending on how your monitor color setting is set up the colors can vary somewhat. When your talking "electric blue" I thinking you would like the Blue to be very bright...would that be correct? With that said, our Royal Blue and Deep Blue really "pop" (as they say) and would look great with white. If you like a slightly lighter blue than the Peacock Blue would also work very well. We have worked with all these colors combinations in the past and the client really liked them. Personally, I like the darker Blues with White (Royal Blue or OG Blue), but it really depends on what works better for your community.
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