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Vertical Attraction Flags

Design your very own custom property flag. These banner-style flags are popular for apartment complexes. The rectangular shape flies freely through the air and attracts attention. When multiple property flags are displayed in a row they create a cohesive display and are useful in directing attention or a projected route. The rectangular design is perfect for property managers.

  • Made from durable 200 Denier Nylon with extra UV protective coating
  • Several vibrant color options
  • Choice of finish including, canvas header and brass grommets or pole sleeve 

Finish Options Header and Grommet: The most common finish for an outdoor flag. The flag is finished with a durable canvas header and brass grommets. This is the best option for a flagpole with rope and/or snaps 

Pole Hem: This finish features a fabric sleeve that is an extension of the Nylon flag material. The sleeve goes around the pole and is closed at the top. 

*Production time varies based on quantity of order.