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DuraBalloon Products & Accessories

DuraBalloon 24" Aluminum Pole

Item #: USRPSPBK000

Designed to slide over a fiberglass ground stake, this 24" black aluminum pole will add attention to smaller temporary signs.

DuraBalloon 30" MegaPole Kit


MegaPole Kits bring mega crowds! with the same strength as the DuraBalloon Ground Pole Kit, the MegaPole Kit is a great addition to any frontline attraction. This kit pairs well with theLong Pole Kits to have alternating sizes of balloons for an eye-catching effect. Includes one DuraBalloon.

DuraBalloon 48" Aluminum Pole

Item #: BB-Pole 48''

Add uniformity and colorful attention to the front of your property. This black aluminum pole is designed to fit over a fiberglass ground stake and boosts your balloon visibility to over 8 feet tall! Attaches to Magic Balloon STEM. 24" Pole also available for use with smaller temporary signage.

DuraBalloon 5-Balloon Cluster Pole Kit


This cluster comes with standard colors of Blue, Red, Green, Orange, and Yellow.  You can change out to any 5 colors you would like to meet your communities needs.

DuraBalloon A-Frame Bracket Kit


This extremely durable black plastic bracket mounts to the side of any pole, fence, railing or vertical sign to create attention. A realtor favorite! Put a bracket on all your signs or properties and add a balloon as needed. Includes 2 screws for mounting into metal, wood or plastic. Includes DuraStem and DuraBalloon.

DuraBalloon Clear Upper Stem Cup

Item #: USRPUCCL000

DuraBalloon Fast Flow Inflator

Item #: USACFFBL000

This FastFlow high-performance electric inflator / deflator makes small or large inflations a breeze. Designed to fill a large balloon in under 30 seconds, this pump will get the job done.

DuraBalloon Fiberglass Stem


The DuraBalloon Fiberglass stems are 48" long and includes clear upper cup. 

DuraBalloon Long Pole Kit


Get your property noticed with balloon visibility at over 7.5' tall! This kit includes a 48" black aluminum pole, a 35" fiberglass stem, and reusable vinyl balloon. Please note what color balloon you would like with your order.

DuraBalloon Universal MegaPlate Ground Kit with Stake


Fiberglass rod used for mounting your pole kit in landscaping. Fiberglass means no rust, light weight, resiliency, and eliminates the possibility of electric shock from underground wiring. Pointed for easy installation. Reusable. Measures 30" Long. Price is for one indiviual ground stake.

DuraBalloon Weighted Base Stand for Clusters or Single Pole Sets

Item #: USRPWBBK000

Just fill this 18' x 17" x 5" base with water and slide the bottom of the pole onto its central mounting post. Portability is easy with the built-in handle.

DuraBalloon® 1-Balloon Suction Cup Kit - Includes balloon

Item #: DBKTSSCC999

Attract attention to your storefront or car lot with this 4.5" lever activated suction cup. It can be used on any smooth non-porous surface. Rated to withstand over 100lbs of weight! This durable and easily removable kit includes a suction cup, a fiberglass stem, and a reusable vinyl balloon. Select any balloon color.

Universal 1-Balloon Suction Cup

Item #: UMRPSSBK000

Attract attention to your storefront or car lot with this 4.5" lever activated suction sup designed for windows or other smooth non-flexible and non-porous surfaces. Attaches to Magic Balloon STEM. Over 100 pounds of suction pressure will hold up agains the strongest winds and is easily removed by releasing the thumb lever.

Universal Push Button A-Frame Bracket


Angled bracket mounts securely onto the side of any metal, wood or plastic A-frame style (sandwich board) signs to keep your DuraBalloons standing straight up.

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